Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pictures from last night's show (first batch)

Sometimes I fancy myself a photographer. At the very least, I've managed to buy some pretty nice camera gear, such that I can actually get pictures in the sorts of dark places that me and my friends hang out in, and that aren't conducive to decent photography. And, at the risk of violating the general trend of this blog towards self-deprecation, I do think I have some talent. If not necessarily for capturing a great image, at least for understanding the technical aspects of what I'm doing. Even when I'm drunk out of my mind, which is nice, because that's when I'm most inclined to take lots of pictures.

Anyways, first we've got a bunch of pictures of Dr. Bin Laden, which is Brian Fresh's new band. I was in a band with him twice, so I can completely sympathize with what the other members must be going through. I didn't manage to get all that many pictures, but most of them seem to be in focus and exposed at least well enough to correct in post. Given the conditions, I consider getting one halfway decent picture per four shots pretty good. So out of 23 shots taken, having twelve here, and probably a few more to come, is something I'm mildly psyched about.
Free photography tip of the day: when in a situation where it's impossible to find any sort of workable white balance, such as where the guitarist or singer is largely lit by the flash and the drummer is largely lit by red stage lights, just convert it to black and white. Then play with it a bit, so it looks like you meant to do it that way.
OK, that was the band. Here's Chris and Josh:
And Brian Connolly:
And on the very rare occasions that Brian actually likes a picture of himself and encourages you to take more, you might just go hog wild.
Well, that's it for today. Hopefully, I'll get through them all by the weekend.

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